Decker Bullock/Sotheby's

" Margot’s expertise as a home stager has brought vitality and market appeal to my Marin County listings. She has a trained eye in color and furniture placement, and is gifted in her assessment of what is necessary to show a property at its best"






Premier Residential Redevelopment, LLC

"Margot is by far the best and most professional stager we have come across. Our business is renovating homes so we understand the market, and most importantly, understand the value of excellent staging. We would not attempt to sell a house in Marin without Margot's help."





Decker Bullock/Sotheby's

'" Her creativeness can transform any type of property, from the worst into the very best.  She is the epitome of a real professional, very easy to work with, a great listener, extremely reliable, and always does a wonderful job. Once Margot is finished recreating my properties they always sell very quickly and for the highest price. She is a true find and can do nothing other than to enhance your business. Love her!!!"






Coldwell Banker

"Margot is the best.... The only reason I don't want to write a review is because I want to keep her all to myself. I think that says it all...."







Coldwell Banker

"Margot Oven is my stager of choice.  Margot has a wonderful ability to work with any style of architecture and create environments that appeal to todays buyers. She is extremely professional and is a true pleasure to work with!!!!" 






Rapport Real Estate

"Margot is an amazing Stager and Interior Designer. She has up-to-date furniture and tastes that compliment today's buyers. We have used Margot for several houses where she was an integral part of the success.  I am thrilled when I have the opportunity to work with Margot. It is always a pleasure."






Coldwell Banker

"Margot was amazing. Her style and attention to detail was superior. I am a realtor and have worked with many stagers. She transformed my listing from an average house to an exceptional home.  I attribute a lot of my success to Margot. She makes the difference. Her staff was friendly, efficient and fast! They were clean and cleaned up after themselves! She just made it happen. She delivered like she said she would; she was on time; she was organized; and she did not exceed her original quote. I would highly recommend her and I will use her every chance I have. She truly is a team player and she will always be a part of my team."





Coldwell Banker

"Margot is my go to stager.  She is extremely knowledgable as a designer and knows what sells and what doesn't. Margot is professional, confident and very easy to work with."






Sotheby's International Realty

"Margot staged a very high end listing for me in Ross, CA. She was very professional and did an excellent job. Everyone who came into the home complemented me on how beautiful it looked. This was a very large home built in the early 1900's and had been remodeled over the years. Margot found exactly the right style to enhance the mixture of old and new in the home and I was able to secure a very good offer for my clients."






Redfin Real Estate

Margot is an amazing designer and has a terrific inventory of furnishings. We used her services to stage our home for sale, and she chose the perfect items to complement the style of the house and the improvements we had made. She also had to work around the fact that we were living in the house and utilizing some of our own furniture and artwork which was a challenge but it all looked very seamless. I would highly recommend Margot if you want to get the most value out of your home.